Teachers' Retirement System (TRS) Withdrawal from Membership (REF-7A)

2020欧洲杯体育直播投注application to withdrawal membership and contributions from trs pension.

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Completing the PDF Form

  1. Read through all pages of the document to find specific instructions, if any
  2. Enter requested information into the form
  3. Print the form
  4. Get required signatures
  5. Scan a copy of the signed form for your records
  6. Send the original, completed, signed form to:         

New York State Teachers Retirement System
10 Corporate Woods Drive
Albany, NY 12211-2395

Need Help Completing the Form?

Lissa Jasinowski.

Lissa Jasinowski

Assistant Director

Benefits and Work Life Balance

phone: (716) 645-4488

Email: lmt22@stpatrickshosp.com

Form Facts

Form Type:2020欧洲杯体育直播投注 Downloadable, PDF Document

Requirements:2020欧洲杯体育直播投注 Adobe Reader

Updated: 12/13

Owner: New York Teachers Retirement System