Record Retention Schedules

the university at buffalo is required to follow the retention guidelines in the state university of new york (suny), new york state (nys), or research foundation (rf) record retention schedules.

Record Retention Schedules

the priority search order for records is:

SUNY – Records Retention and Disposition Schedule

the state university of new york (suny) records retention and disposition schedule indicates the minimum length of time that records must be retained. the retention periods apply regardless of the format or media in which the records exist. after the minimum retention period is reached, the records should be disposed of unless they still serve a legal, operational or historical purpose.

the retention schedules are organized by subject matter and purpose of the record, with corresponding sub-categories. as a general rule, the suny records schedules cover records related to suny-specific and academic activities.

New York State – General Retention and Disposition Schedule

2020欧洲杯体育直播投注the general retention and disposition schedule for nys government records (general schedule) provides retention and disposition authorizations for records commonly created and maintained by state agencies to support administrative, personnel and fiscal activities.

the general schedule is organized into sections, and classifies records by determining the subject matter and purpose of the record and applies to records regardless of format or media in which they exist.

Research Foundation – Record Retention Schedule

ub must follow the research foundation of suny (rf) records retention schedules for all rf-related documents. rf records should not be filed with the records of any other funding entity. 

    Payroll and general journal entries (expenditure transfers), petty cash documents, vendor (accounts payable) payment files, property control system records

  • Account billing and correspondence files, grant agreements, contracts, subcontracts, leases, consultant agreements, patent records, technology transfer documents

  • Attendance reports, fellowship files, garnishments, income fund reimbursable files, leave accrual and use records, personnel activity reporting forms, personnel and payroll files, retirement records

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