Real Student Experiences

2020欧洲杯体育直播投注our students gain real-world experience as they work on campus, learning the skills they need for a successful career after ub. but don’t take our word for it. here, every student has a unique story to share.

  • 5/18/18
    After polishing her international fluency skills as a Student Engagement Ambassador, Madeline Quek earned a job at Disney World.
  • 5/18/18
    Realizing on-campus job experience would be a good way to immerse herself in the UB community, Isha Pandey started working at the Union Marketplace & Eatery.
  • 5/18/18
    Maulikkumar Dhameliya thrives off the energy and intensity of working in one of UB’s most highly trafficked campus eateries, learning to be flexible and efficient.
  • 5/18/18
    When Hayden Harter earned an on-campus job as a stagehand and master electrician for UB’s Center for the Arts (CFA), he had no idea the influence the position would have on his studies or the impressive people he would meet along the way.
  • 5/18/18
    As a student assistant in the Office of Student Engagement and a Campus Health Ambassador, Temara Cross is gaining experience she needs, while working on campus.

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