Counseling Team

2020欧洲杯体育直播投注our caring, experienced team includes psychologists, social workers and other mental health professionals who are here to help you.


Sharon Mitchell.

Sharon Mitchell, Director

Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, The Ohio State University

Licensed Psychologist
Professional interests: Multicultural issues, identity development, eating disorders, sexual assault, college student development, counselor training and supervision, and group counseling.

Staff Counselors

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Nadia Abdo, Psychologist

Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Yeshiva University Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology
Fluent in Arabic
Professional interests: Relationship Issues, Eating Disorders, Coping Strategies, Developmental/Identity Concerns, International Students, Multicultural/Diversity Issues, Trauma, Grief

Kathryn Benfanti.

Kathryn E. Benfanti, Clinical Case Manager and Counselor

M.A, Medaille College Buffalo NY
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Professional interests: anxiety, depression, relationship issues, PTSD, grief and loss

Stephanie Chong.

Stephanie Chong, Psychologist

Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Arizona State University
Fluent in Mandarin Chinese
Professional interests:
International student concerns, mindfulness, multicultural/diversity issues, eating disorders, grief and loss, relationship and family issues, supervision and training.

Sheila Figliotti.

Sheila Figliotti, Social Worker

MSW, University at Buffalo
Licensed Clinical Social Worker-R
Professional interests: Family of origin, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, military, guided meditation, LGBT, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections.

David L. Gilles-Thomas.

David L. Gilles-Thomas, Psychologist

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Licensed Psychologist
Professional interests: Gender issues, feminism, diversity and differences, family of origin issues, the politics of mental health, philosophy of mind, technology and media, training and supervision.

Andrea Greenwood.

Andrea Greenwood, Psychologist and Associate Director/Clinical Director

Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Licensed Psychologist
Professional interests: Women's issues, eating disorders, family of origins issues, spirituality and faith as coping resources.

headshot of amani johnson.

Amani Johnson, Psychologist and Student of Color Specialist

Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, University at Buffalo
Professional interests: Multicultural/diversity issues, identity development, experiences of Students of Color, family of origin concerns, relationship concerns, developing coping and self-care strategies, outreach, and social justice.

John Jurica.

John Jurica, Psychologist

Ph.D., Colorado State University
Professional interests: Men and masculinity, substance use and abuse, gender Issues, LGBTQ issues, feminism, diversity/multiculturalism, mood and anxiety disorders, spirituality and mental health.

Sung Eun Kim-Kubiak.

Sung Eun Kim-Kubiak, Psychologist and Assistant Director/Training Director

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Licensed Psychologist
Oversees the accredited pre-doctoral psychology internship program.
Professional interests: Trauma and recovery (especially sexual abuse, assault and rape), diversity, training and supervision, group counseling, consultation, spirituality and mental health.

Sharon Kirkland-Gordon.

Sharon Kirkland-Gordon, Psychologist

Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, University at Buffalo
Licensed Psychologist

Professional interests: Developmental issues, multiculturalism/diversity, trauma recovery,  family of origin issues, relationship issues, group counseling, career counseling, clinical supervision, training, and women’s issues.

Thomas J. Neill.

Thomas J. Neill, Social Worker and Social Work Internship Coordinator

MSW, University at Buffalo
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Professional interests: Men's health and sexuality issues, sexual trauma and recovery, male survivors of sexual abuse, poverty and class issues, incarcerated trauma survivors, grief and loss issues, mental health outreach and education to underserved populations, LGBT issues, feminism.

Matt Orlando.

Matt Orlando, Social Worker

MSW, University at Buffalo
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Professional interests: Anxiety and panic disorders, substance use concerns, LGBTQ issues, relationship issues, trauma recovery, grief and loss, health and wellness, diversity issues.

Jayna Punturiero.

Jayna Punturiero, Social Worker

MSW, MA, Women’s Studies Gender Studies, Loyola University Chicago
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Professional interests:
 Trauma and recovery, gender identity, feminism, multicultural/diversity issues, women’s issues, intersectionality, and social justice.


Heweon Seo.

Heweon Seo, Psychologist

Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, University of Minnesota
Licensed Psychologist
Fluent in Korean
Professional interests: Working with international students, multicultural and diversity issues, identity development, trauma recovery, interpersonal style, men's issues, family of origin issues, and supervision and training.

Liz Snider.

Liz Snider, Social Worker

MSW, University at Buffalo
Licensed Clinical Social Worker-R
Professional interests: family of origin and developmental issues, trauma recovery, grief and loss, DBT/coping skills, training and supervision.

jeannine suk.

Jeannine Suk, Counselor

M.A. Counseling Psychology, West Virginia University
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Professional interests: Grief and loss, family of origin, trauma recovery, resilience.

Amanda Tyson-Ryba.

Amanda Tyson-Ryba, Psychologist and Assistant Clinical Director

Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Lehigh University 
Licensed Psychologist
Professional interests: Relationship issues, mood and anxiety disorders, suicide prevention and intervention, motivational interviewing, intersection of sexual assault and alcohol use, supervision and training.

Carissa Uschold.

Carissa Uschold-Klepfer, Social Worker, Assistant Director for Outreach, and Suicide Prevention Coordinator

MSW, University at Buffalo
Licensed Clinical Social Worker-R
Registered Yoga Teacher
Professional interests: eating disorders, yoga and mindfulness, DBT/coping skills, outreach, women's issues, sexual trauma and recovery, grief and loss, relationship concerns, trauma, multicultural and diversity issues, anxiety and mood disorders, training and supervision, adoption and foster care concerns.

Elena Yakunina.

Elena Yakunina, Psychologist and Group Coordinator

Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, University of Akron
Licensed Psychologist
Fluent in Bulgarian
Professional interests: Cross-cultural adjustment, international student concerns, cultural and personal identity development, coping, resilience and strengths, social support and relationships.


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Vivian Gerard, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

2020欧洲杯体育直播投注msn, university at buffalo

msw, west virginia university

licensed psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner-board certified

licensed certified social worker

Doctoral Psychology Interns

David Hutsell, M.A.
Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student, Spalding University

Marisa Parent, M.A.
Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student, William James College

Christopher Sova, M.A.
Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student, University at Buffalo 

Clinical Graduate Assistants

  • Eleanor McCabe
  • Madilynn Rutherford

Advanced Practicum Students

  • Shira Pollack

First Year Practicum Students

  • Emily Knittner
  • Shira Pollack
  • Nathalie Velasco

Graduate Assistants

  • Matt Henninger, Outreach Graduate Assistant

Social Work Interns

  • Liz Coleman
  • Sonia Ortiz
  • Allyson Yelich


  • Mikele King
  • Chuong Phu

Support Staff

Melody Battista.

Melody Battista, Office Assistant

Tammi Blajszczak.

Tammi Blajszczak, Business Manager, Counseling, Health Services, and Health Promotion

b.a., psychology and history

Linda Ramsey.

Linda Ramsey, Assistant to the Director

2020欧洲杯体育直播投注m.s., counseling and human services

Amanda Simpson.

Amanda Simpson, Office Assistant

Patrice Mack.

Patrice Mack, Office Assistant

Part of Student Wellness

2020欧洲杯体育直播投注student wellness is comprised of mental health counselors, medical providers and health educators from counseling services, health services, and health promotion. we work together to provide a variety of quality services and programs focused on physical and emotional health to promote student success and well-being.

Short-term on campus mental health support

University at Buffalo
120 Richmond Quadrangle, North Campus
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2020欧洲杯体育直播投注phone: (716) 645-2720; fax: (716) 645-2175

Preventative health and wellness education

Health Promotion

Student Life

University at Buffalo
114 Student Union, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260

2020欧洲杯体育直播投注phone: (716) 645-2837; fax: (716) 645-6234

Primary, non-emergency medical care

Health Services

Student Life

University at Buffalo
Michael Hall, 3435 Main Street, South Campus
Buffalo, NY 14214

2020欧洲杯体育直播投注phone: (716) 829-3316; fax: (716) 829-2564

1 Capen
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260-2100

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